Pallet recycling where green begins

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What makes wooden pallets so environmentally friendly is the ease with which they can be recycled. One call to a reputable pallet supplier can start the process. Instead of just ending up leaning against the back wall of your building, you can return them to useful life.

When a pallet is recycled, the first thing that happens is inspection. Broken boards, loose nails, and chipped or damaged areas are repaired and replaced. Loose nails are either pulled or renailed. When all those things are successfully done, those used pallets are fit for action. Pallets that are beyond repair are usually ground up into garden mulch or stove pellets. Either way, they are turned from scrap into useful material.

Recycling pallets not only helps to cut down on the use of natural resources, it keeps tons of useable assets out of our already overcrowded landfills. Wooden pallets especially are environmental champions. They actively make use of the three important ‘R’s” that are the foundation of a recycling program: Reuse, Repair and Recycle.

When you think of pallets as corporate assets, which they are, instead of just something that needs to be disposed of, you are adding valuable dollars to your bottom line. Not to mention the service you are doing to help the environment. You’re already thinking bottles, cans, newspapers. Now add pallets to the list of things that are part of your companies recycling efforts. That will pay dividends in more ways than one.

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