How it Started

Palnet An Experienced Pallet CompanyPALNET management sat down and thought through pallets from beginning to end. From the way pallets are delivered, counted and collected to how they're repaired and recycled, creating a new standard of excellence. PALNET delivers a pallet experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

We’ve taken the business from its loosely defined beginnings and developed a network of “best in class” pallet companies, weaving them together and integrating a system of total accountability, complete transparency, honesty, responsibility and reliability, essentially redefining the pallet industry!

PALNET was formed in 2004 by eight Best-in-Class regional pallet service providers. Each shared a common commitment to provide the highest level of service while demonstrating unquestionable integrity. These entrepreneurs pledged to create an organization that would become the vendor of choice for companies with multiple locations, seeking regional or national pallet related solutions. 
Today PALNET has grown to be North America’s largest private network of Pallet Service locations, with 68 partner companies operating over 120 locations. PALNET’s members remain committed to the original core values:


PALNET is an American success story. A pallet provider built from the ground up by pallet and logistic specialists with more than 200 years of combined asset management experience. After years of frustration with what didn’t work and years of experience with what did, PALNET knew what the business needed and did it.
PALNET is a one source, one point-of-contact pallet provider whether you are a national big box retailer, a local manufacturer or anything in between.
Begun in 2004, PALNET combined national scope and capability with local presence bringing a new level of professionalism and accountability to the pallet business.
Whatever you need, where ever you need it, one click or call to PALNET will solve it. We are as professional as the companies we do business with. 


At PALNET, we start with honesty and end with accountability. If that’s something other pallet suppliers have not supplied you with, it’s something you’ll have to get used to when you do business with PALNET USA.
From our proprietary features like Accu-Count that ensures an accurate pallet count every time to the total reliability of our services. From our insistence on operational excellence to our customized program flexibility. From the reliability of our information management to our cost-effective asset management to our commitment to total customer satisfaction, PALNET has raised the bar on everything.
At PALNET USA, you will find honesty, efficiency, integrity, focus, reliability, innovation and accountability everywhere, every time. Those are the values we value. So will you.


Our goal was to create the most professional pallet operation in the business, period. No compromises. No excuses. No shortcuts or short counts. A company built on higher standards, higher expectations, and higher deliverables.


PALNET is the pallet business built by pallet professionals. We are both buyers and sellers with more than 120 years of combined experience working in the trenches. So, when we started the company, we fully understood of the industry’s good, bad, and ugly. We took the best and left out the rest.


Our mission is to be the vendor of choice for companies seeking local, regional or national pallet solutions.
We are committed to providing the finest, most professional service in the industry. We bring all our experience and industry leadership to make that happen. We design and implement solutions that meet and exceed the unique needs and expectations of each customer we serve in every situation.
Our core values and everyday business practices can be summed up in three words. Commitment, execution and trust.
Commitment: We are committed to our customers, our families, our organization, and our environment.
Execution: We always strive do the ‘right’ thing in the right way.
Trust: We do what we promise.
In short, our mission is more than a goal. It is an everyday practice at PALNET.

Corporate responsibility

Employment Practices
PALNET and all our member companies are strong supporters of best hiring practices and workforce compliance as outlined by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department of Homeland Security (ICE). 
Though not always adhered to by all members of the pallet industry, PALNET believes it is in the best interests of our nation, our clients and our company to support and uphold a "zero-tolerance"  standard in all our employment practices. PALNET conducts background screens and drug tests on all newly hired employees, to ensure they meet PALNET’s high standards.  
Especially in these times of heightened Homeland Security issues, the legality and verification of all employees is of utmost importance. PALNET believes in offering safe working conditions and opportunities for advancement to legal and eligible workers, and the assurance of this to our many clients. This is another way PALNET is redefining the pallet business.

Environmental sustainbility

PALNET is serious about sustainability. We support environmentally conscious business practices and incorporate the four “R’s” of sustainability into everything we do. Recycling, repairing, reusing, and reducing waste are key components of our business and we are committed to helping each of our customers and business partners operate a sustainable supply chain.

What we do to protect the environment

Reuse  - We receive pallet returns from all over the country. We inspect them, sort them, and ship them to new customers.
Repair  - We repair damaged pallets, ensure they meet grading standards, and then stage them for reuse.
Recycle - We recycle surplus and scrap wood when we rebuild damaged pallets and work with our customers to consolidate other recyclables such as corrugated cardboard and plastic shrink wrap onto our pallet trailers to eliminate unnecessary loads and reduce carbon emissions.
Renew - When the service life of our pallets comes to an end, their lumber is used to produce new and useful products including landscaping, playground mulch, animal bedding, and wood fuel pellets