What is the difference between a 2-way pallet and a 4-way pallet?

A 2-way pallet can only be entered into with a forklift through 2 ends, while a forklift can enter a 4-way pallet from all sides.

  Does PALNET depend more on new or recycled pallets to satisfy their customers?

Recycled pallets make up roughly 60% of PALNET’s business while new pallets make up the remaining 40%.

  How many pallets does PALNET handle per day?

Over 100,000.

  What does PALNET’s machinery consist of?

We use a variety of automated pallet assembly machines. We operate a variety of automated nailing machines as well as a lumber milling & stacking machines and pallet disassembly, repair and sorting equipment is supplied by some of the biggest names in the industry like Smetco, Smart, AMS, PENDU, Baker, PRS & VF Automation.

  Does PALNET provide services other than new, combo, and recycled pallets?

Yes, we also provide Total Management Programs.

  How large of a geographic area does PALNET sell to?

We cover the entire continental US.

  What is the correct way to pronounce a pallet size?

The stringer length comes first and the deck board length second. So, a pallet with 48" stringers and 40" deck boards would be pronounced 48x40.

  Does PALNET buy pallets? If so, what sizes and how much do you pay?

Yes, we do buy pallets. Please contact us at 877-PALNET-1 for a description of the pallets that we buy.

  How much weight can a pallet hold?

The weight a pallet can hold is determined by its original design.  At PALNET, we can analyze your pallet with our Pallet Design Software to see exactly what weight it is capable of holding. We can also use our PDS software to design new pallets to meet exact specifications.

  What is the difference between a combo pallet, a remanufactured, and a recycled pallet?

A combo pallet is comprised of a combination of new and recycled components. A remanufactured pallet is totally comprised of recycled components. A recycled pallet is a used pallet that is repaired to industry standard or customer agreed specifications.

  How many trailers does PALNET have?

We currently operate a fleet of tractors and have more than 2,800 trailers, many of which are dropped at customers locations for loading of their return pallets.

  Are you hiring?

PALNET is always looking for qualified employees to lead them into the 21st century. Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax or e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.