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Most people who buy pallets actually need more than pallets. They also need shipping supplies such as; stretch wrap, corner boards, load bars, cleats strapping, staples, nail guns, nails and more. What about 3rd party rental pallet management services, on-site sort and repair programs, recycling consolidation? These are all part of shipping today. And that’s something your pallet company may be able to supply. In any event, it’s worth making the call and asking.

Especially in our energy conscious world, getting what you need from one source in one delivery works in your favor in more ways than one. First of all, it makes your life, your sourcing and your invoicing that much easier. A one source delivery means that you’ll have what you need on hand when you need it. Having the proper balance of pallets and supplies on hand means you’ll be able to avoid shipping snags and delays.

Your pallet supplier may even be able to space out your supply deliveries so you won’t have to inventory large minimum orders of supplies which makes it easier on your budget and your cash flow. And just as important, think of the fuel, time and effort one delivery in one truck can save over multiple deliveries from multiple suppliers.

Here’s one more thing you may not have considered — the issue of reverse logistics. Picking up recyclables from your facility on the return trip will make it easier, more efficient and certainly better for the environment.

All of these can make your relationship with your pallet supplier that much more efficient and that much more effective.

For more information on buying pallets wholesale and to see what else your pallet supplier can do for you, contact us.

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