PALNET invests in your operations by fully servicing your facility with qualified and trained personnel, partnering with you to optimize your pallet shipping and logistics needs.

On-site personnel are dedicated solely to servicing your facility and adhere to all client and PALNET safety guidelines.

We start by taking the time to completely understand your business and your shipping needs. An individualized Total Pallet Management Plan (TPM) is then designed to fit both your corporate culture and pallet-based shipping requirements. A crew of trained professionals with the knowledge and experience to uniquely fit into your organization’s day to day operations is then deployed to maximize effectiveness and value while reducing cost.

TPM services include: 

  • Pallet Accountability
  • Pallet Retrieval and Supply
  • Precise on-Site Sorting and Repair
  • Pallet Banking
  • Environmentally Responsible Wood Waste Removal
  • Current Volume and Size Review
  • Design Specification
  • Online Tracking and Transaction Reporting
  • Third Party Pallet Returns

PALNET’s On-Site Staff can also provide a full suite of non-pallet related activities such as: 

  • Processing recyclable items i.e. corrugated paper and plastic
  • Cleaning/sorting totes and containers
  • Lumping Trailers

On-site TPM services allow our clients to focus on their business while we effectively manage their pallet related transport needs for them.

On-Site Sortation – On-site sortation is a time consuming job we can take out of your hands. Palnet all on – site personel performs asset management functions within your facility including, asset accountability – Pallet sorting, restacking, Outbound loading and Removal of all damaged or overstocked pallets.
Environmentally Responsible Wood Waste Removal.

On-Site Repair – If you have a closed-loop system or just want to retain control of your assets, PALNET has the staff and expertise to make that work for you. We Free up your labor by having our personnel perform on-site repair at your facility. We’ll sort and repair according to your standards. Make all repairs needed-according to jointly developed SOP standards, and load all returnable assets onto appropriate equipment or your inventory.