Our extensive nationwide network can design, manufacture, and deliver new or recycled pallets anywhere, anytime. More often than you’d like, some products require something other than a standard size pallet. Large or small, wood or plastic, PALNET can help with the management of whatever platform you use to move your products.
We can reclaim, refurbish, repair and even return pallets back to the original product manufacturers. Doing so can significantly lower your pallet costs and reduce the waste stream by keeping damaged or dormant pallets active. It’s an economic and environmental win-win!

Wood Shipping Pallets



Odd-Size Pallet Reclamation Services Program
Pallets requiring specific or special size requirements are addressed by our Odd Size Pallet Reclamation Services Program. If your company uses a dedicated pallet manufactured for your product needs, PALNET can recover, repair and re-distribute such pallets for reuse in your business. offer both recycled and new plastic pallets. Our sales representatives have assisted many major manufacturing and distribution operations with in-house and closed-loop pallet designs that are made specifically to their specifications.

Plastic Pallets
PALNET also offers both recycled and new plastic pallets and can assist you with in-house and closed-loop pallet designs made to your specifications.

Recycled & Remanufactured Pallets
Sometimes you need a special build just for you. But cost, not aesthetics, is the driving factor. Re-manufactured pallets are likely the answer. Each PALNET location is prepared to utilize scrap and surplus/used lumber to manufacture a pallet specific to your requirements.

Custom Re-conditioned Pallets

PALNET supplies millions of the standard 48”x40”, 4-way pallets annually. Following the industry accepted NWPCA guidelines we offer multiple grades to meet your organization’s specific operational and cost requirements