PALNET’s suite of products and services offers a single-source solution to all your pallet related needs. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create and manage your pallet program, from shipping lanes, pallet management, loads, costs and similar to develop a unique, effective and individualized system while saving you time and money.
Our services approach improves warehouse safety, reduces damage, lowers costs, and improves space, efficiency and resources while providing cost and time savings— which means fewer headaches for you!

PALNET is the single-source services provider that benefits both national and local businesses of all sizes by maximizing value while creatively finding ways to reduce costs of packing, sorting and resourcing pallets. Whether your business has one or 1000 locations PALNET programs is the solution to effectively maximize your pallet needs.

Program Solutions

Third-party Pallet
Palnet’s Return program includes consolidating your vendor programs. We can manage your entire pallet return program, by picking up and arranging for a point of origination return, to help you generate incremental revenue and reduce waste.

Reverse Logistics Programs 
Our Reverse logistics programs allow retail recycling to be managed by a single source. This program is designed to help with the Recovery of pallets and recyclable commodities (OCC, plastic) from retail locations, as well as managing  customized reverse logistic centers to support the needs of recycling, pooling, and transportation of specific customer’s.

Consolidated collection Program 
Whether you are seeking to create operational efficiencies, reach a zero waste objective, or simplify sustainability reporting, PALNET may be the answer. PALNET’s unique Consolidated Collection Program offers distributors, retailers, and Manufacturers the opportunity to sell recyclable commodities to a single supplier. PALNET will recover materials – often in a single trailer – and provide a single, summarized statement to the customer. Consolidating your transportation and logistics needs with America’s largest, most professional and environmentally focused pallet and logistics supplier is one of the smartest moves you can make.

You can download the brochure here.