Businesses around Greater Los Angeles Can Trust the Elite Pallet Company for Buying or Selling Pallets

If you need to sell or buy pallets in the Los Angeles area, you’ve come to the right place. PALNET recycles buys and sell pallets in and around Los Angeles, including Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino, Fontana, Ontario, Coachella Valley, Long Beach, Irvine, Glendale and West Hollywood. Whenever they need new pallets, used pallets, wood pallets, plastic pallets or plastic skids at a great price, businesses in the Los Angeles area come to PALNET. 

PALNET offers comprehensive pallet programs that include Total Pallet Management, Reclamation and Reverse Logistics for Surplus Pallets, and other On-Site Pallet Solutions for retrieving, reconditioning, and reissuing pallets.


PALNET is a large pallet company with a small company feel, providing our local customers in Los Angeles and our national customers abroad with the same superior service.


How Businesses Buy and Sell Pallets in California

 When it’s time to buy pallets in Los Angeles, turn to PALNET.

PALNET can manufacture wood pallets, plastic shipping pallets and warehouse pallets in a variety of sizes and dimensions to meet any customer specification. Whether you need heavy duty pallets, large wood pallets or small plastic pallets, PALNET can quickly deliver the ideal product for your unique needs. Our advanced load design software system enables us to create custom pallets that optimize performance during shipment while minimizing packaging costs. In addition to our new and used pallets, PALNET provides complete recycling programs that include pallet retrieval, inspection, recovery and repair of wood pallets for Los Angeles businesses. Our recycled pallet programs support corporate sustainability initiatives and deliver significant savings. 


 Palnet Buys and Sells Wooden Pallets to Businesses in and around Los Angeles, California


  • North America’s largest private pallet network
  • Decades of experience as a pallet distributor
  • One of the nation’s premier pallet suppliers
  • Works closely with pallet companies, manufacturers, distributors and retailers
  • Supplying over 125 million wood and plastic pallets across the U.S. each year
  • Offer a complete range of new, used, recycled and custom pallets
  • Comprehensive pallet programs that include retrieving, reconditioning, and reissuing pallets
  • 68 partner companies operating in more than 120 locations



pallnet buys and sells pallets in los angeles california


We provide the best pallet prices for all types of skids and pallets. If you have pallets for sale, contact PALNET. Shipping and warehouse pallets are essential for any Dallas business that deals in transporting goods. But what should you do with those leftover used pallets? You can make some great money when you sell pallets back to PALNET. We will purchase your wood and plastic pallets and recondition them for re-use.  As a leading single-source pallet management company, PALNET has the resources to increase the value of your pallets for sale in Los Angeles, regardless of the quantity. There is value in all types of pallets, regardless of their type or condition. Plastic shipping pallets and skids, and wood and used pallets are always in demand and PALNET has created national partnerships that provide added value for our local Los Angeles suppliers so we can negotiate the very best pallet prices around.  We also save you the time associated with logistics sourcing and then we pass the savings on to you. PALNET makes it so easy---and profitable---to get rid of your unwanted pallets. If you have pallets for sale in the Los Angeles, contact PALNET today to learn more about our fast and easy pallet purchase program or to arrange for pick-up.




You can greatly reduce your company’s costs with smart pallet management. If you need to sell or buy pallets in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, why not choose America’s largest and most experienced pallet company, PALNET?  We have an impressive volume capacity and an extensive network, so regardless of how large or small you need to buy or sell pallets, PALNET can handle it all. Your Los Angeles business can maximize savings in minimal time when you choose PALNET as your full-service pallet partner contact us at 1-877-725-6381 or send us a message to learn more.